Tai Chi Short Form

Tai Chi Short Form

Tai Chi Chi Kung is a relaxed moving meditation and martial art which calms the body and mind. This Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form takes 10 minutes to perform making it easy to incorporate into a busy life.  The movements are graceful, the tempo is slow and the health benefits are great. Among the many benefits include improved balance and strength, reduced joint pain and stiffness, improvement in sleep and higher levels of immune response.

The 4 Chapters in this Tai Chi DVD program are:

1. Introduction to Marie Favorito and the benefits of Tai Chi.

2. Tai Chi Yang Style Short Form Instruction

3. Special Details of the form.

4a. Follow Along with vocal instruction

4b. Follow Along without vocal instruction

Practicing Tai Chi will teach you to generate more energy, release tension, improve your posture and breathing. Tai Chi combines movement, meditation and self-defense.

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